January 2020 Newsletter

What’s New?

Eat Less. Read More. Journal.

What New Year’s resolutions did you make?  I try not to make the “lose weight and exercise” pledge because we all know where that ends up by month’s end! The last several years I’ve made my resolution around intangibles which are harder to measure (unlike the scales!) and success is defined from within. “Find happiness in the Now” was one from a few years ago when I found myself constantly worrying about what tomorrow would bring and always trying to plan the future. That year, I learned to live more in the present by journaling each day about the one thing that made me smile. “Be more mindful” was another resolution that helped me teach myself to be more aware of my own experiences as well as the feelings of others. Last year, my 2019 vow was to “focus on what’s most important”. It required me to simplify, and to say ‘no’ more often than ‘yes’. And I can confidently say I did that. Maybe not enough, but enough for my own sense of achievement.

This year, my resolution is more specific than usual, but without definitive the parameters. I mean, think about it. We put enough pressure on ourselves every day, so adding one more task to the list that we can specifically measure seems like a recipe for disappointment. Undefined intangibles are definitely the way to go!

One thing I’ve learned from all this writing I’ve done this last year is that my days are less active. So eating a little less (and hopefully a little healthier!) is definitely in order this year! And reading a little more. For me, it’s about expanding horizons and enjoying the melody of the written word. And journaling. Writing is the best therapy and a wonderful way to record the most important history. Your own!

Masque of Honor Update

I can hardly believe it, but the publication of Masque of Honor is moving full speed ahead!  I am so excited to be able to finally share it with you.  Stay tuned for the final launch date as we get closer, but I’m hoping that if all goes well I will have the fruits of my labor in your hands by this Spring!

Winter is for Crafting

When the world is hibernating I get out the paints and craft supplies. Did you know that I used to design and teach paper crafting and scrapbooking classes? It was more than a decade ago but was one way in which I shared my passion for art, design and storytelling with others. Crafting this journal over the weekend has reminded me how much I love getting ink on my fingers and glitter on my face!  I’d love to share one of my creations with you, so make sure to enter my latest giveaway here!

Eating Mindfully

And healthier. And with purpose. Don’t open a bag of M&Ms and wonder where they went two-minutes later. Did you taste them? Or was it just an impulse? As we get older, our lives can become busier, but also, more sedentary. Eating is one of the great joys in life but eating healthy while enjoying it is possible Here’s a recipe that is currently one of my healthy go-to favorites.

Inside Selma’s Walls: Lighting Selma’s Mansion

The first and most immediate issue with a house that has ceilings as high as Selma’s, is the lighting. The size and scope of the rooms immediately lended themselves to chandeliers as overhead lighting, though there are a few exceptions depending on the room. I love every single one of the chandeliers we selected, and even got a chance to shop in Europe for a few of them. Take a look here.

Sharon’s Book Club Goes LIVE!

We are so excited to discuss our first book selection, The Dutch House by Ann Patchett and want you to join us LIVE on January 25th. Send us your questions and observations BEFORE January 25th and we’ll be sure to include them in our discussion!  

Win a Handcrafted Journal Made with a Selma Chandelier Crystal

In keeping with our 2020 resolutions, I’d like to make you something special to get you started on your journaling.  I’ve been crafting with paper for years and find it both relaxing and rewarding to make something beautiful with reclaimed bits that I love.  In this case, Selma’s chandeliers have been some of my favorite purchases, and I’d like to share them with you in a very unique way.  Enter HERE to win a journal made by me, and let’s start 2020 off right by putting our stories on paper.  

Don’t forget to check my Instagram page for details on our February Book Club selection.