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What’s New?

If you’ve been following along on my Facebook and Instagram pages you will have seen pictures from our Road Less Traveled Tour, a bucket-list trip that not only revealed some of the most beautiful scenery our country has to offer, but also reinforced something I’ve long suspected: regardless of our politics, the American spirit unites us all. The folks we met along the way are some of the kindest and most humble people we’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. They were open and willing to talk to strangers (us, in this case) and were so proud to share their stories of their heritage. We look forward returning. We felt welcome. And this warmed our hearts. 


My team and I are currently working on edits for Masque of Honor, and I can tell you one thing with absolute certainty: when I first decided to write a book, I am not sure I ever truly realized the scope of what the effort actually entails.  In addition to the personal discipline it takes to research and check and double check your facts, there is the additional element of making sure your story arcs are compelling and fall in the right place at the right time to retain the consistent interest of the reader. There is a very good reason books take…so…long…to…publish. It is definitely a team effort, people.  

I’ll be keeping you in the loop as progress is made towards an official publishing date, but as of right now, we are shooting for Spring 2020. Stick with me, kids, it will be worth the wait. 


Sneak Peek of the Masque of Honor

As September Draws Near

As September draws near, I mark the end of another summer and the beginning of my new year.

I wait with anticipation.



As time moves on without word, doubt turns to Acceptance.



The knowing that whatever the outcome—win or lose—the lesson remains in the work itself. 

And what if I prevail?

Do the flowers really smell as lovely as they appear?  Or is the scent, up-close, only bittersweet? 

And the seeds they bear, will they grow greater beauty next season? Or will they lay fallow on the ground? 

Have I grown? 


Do I recognize the lessons offered and brave another step towards the freedom I yearn? Freedom to fly, reach new heights, taste new flowers.

Or do I linger just a little longer on the petals of this summer?  

Where wings fade to the tones of autumn and dreams disappear like butterflies in the breeze.


Sharon’s Book Club

Want to take a break from 2019 for a bit? This entrancing novel answers the hypothetical question:  What if Anne Frank had survived the Holocaust? You won’t be able to put this one down. The layers of the story are as haunting as the real life story of Anne Frank continues to be. 

For more of my book club selections, check out my book club on my website.


Selma’s Corner

We’ve come a long way, Miss Selma….for more historic Selma pictures, visit my website!


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