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Masque of Honor

All roads run through Selma

Selma manor - virginia aristocracy - masque of honor - historical fiction by sharon virts
Sharon Virts - Author of historical fiction


Sharon is a successful entrepreneur and visionary who after more than 25 years in business, decided to follow her passion for storytelling into the world of historical fiction. Her latest project, MASQUE OF HONOR, chronicles the sweeping drama, life, loves, and struggles of two families of the Virginia aristocracy in the period following the War of 1812.  

Sharon’s passion truly lies in the creative: she is an accomplished fine artist and uses her passion in artistic expression along with her extraordinary storytelling to paint vivid images and complex character sets that capture the heart and imagination.

Sharon and her husband Scott live on Selma Plantation, a prominent Loudoun County residence that they restored from the brink of desolation. It is from the love and preservation of Selma – a project that has taken on a life of its own – that  the story of the life, times, and controversies of its original owner has given root to her first novel MASQUE OF HONOR.

masque of honor takes place in selma manor - historical fiction by sharon virts

Amid a life more than ordinarily checkered, I can truthfully say that there is no ambition nor aspiration in my heart save the desire to merit the respect of good women and the confidence of honest men.”

Colonel John M. McCarty, 1843

southern historical fiction - masque of honor by sharon virts

“Sharon is a force of historical fiction; her first novel, Masque of Honor, unveils sweeping sagas of epic proportion brought to life with research and verve.”

southern historical fiction - masque of honor by sharon virts
Debra Gitterman

“Her ability to create complex characters is innately artistic in form. She applies the principles of balance, proportion, and perfection in the natural world.”

southern historical fiction - masque of honor by sharon virts

“Sharon is a master at depicting the drama, joy, and tragedy that runs through our common past.”