The Grays of Truth

This story unfolds in post-Civil War Baltimore, where the city’s elite are plagued by mysterious deaths amidst a backdrop of scandal and intrigue. Following her husband’s unexplained death, Jane Gray Wharton grows suspicious after she and her daughter fall ill under similar circumstances. Despite her background as a chemist and nurse, Jane’s credibility is undermined by her past struggles with delusion and institutionalization. As more unexpected deaths occur, Jane’s quest for truth and redemption becomes increasingly desperate, challenging her to distinguish reality from delusion. This suspenseful narrative, rooted in historical events, explores themes of trust, betrayal, and the pursuit of justice against the odds.


Veil of Doubt

Set in Reconstruction-era Virginia, Emily Lloyd, a widow, faces murder charges amidst widespread presumption of her guilt. Accused of poisoning her daughter and implicated in the deaths of other family members, Lloyd’s case captures the attention of Powell Harrison, a brilliant but reluctant defense attorney. Returning to his hometown to continue his family’s legal practice, Harrison is initially hesitant to take on such a controversial case. However, as he delves into the complex web of suspicious behaviors and secrets surrounding Lloyd’s life, Harrison uncovers a potentially deeper and darker truth. This narrative, grounded in historical research, explores themes of justice, intrigue, and the challenging search for truth in a prejudiced society.


Masque Of Honor

Set between 1816 and 1819 in Virginia and Washington D.C., this historical fiction centers on the intense rivalry between Armistead Mason and John “Jack” McCarty Mason. As wealthy, second-generation descendants of founding father George Mason IV. They emerge from the War of 1812 as politically active, yet aligned with opposing parties. Armistead, a celebrated war hero, fervently supports the Democratic Republican party and dreams of the presidency. Meanwhile, Jack, influenced by his upbringing near General George Washington, staunchly advocates for Federalist ideals.

Their bitter conflict escalates against a backdrop of aristocratic Virginia society and political maneuvering. The tension reaches a peak with a fatal duel, fueled by personal grievances aired publicly through the press and driven by manipulative political rivals. It’s a dramatic narrative of love, honor, and tragedy, examining how aspirations and ideologies can lead to irreversible consequences, breaking one life and forging another in the crucible of history.


Veil of Doubt

Best-selling historical fiction author, Sharon Virts is a successful entrepreneur and visionary who, after more than 25 years in business, followed her passion for storytelling. She has earned numerous accolades for her commitment to historic preservation, earning national recognition for both her business achievements and philanthropic endeavors.

Beyond her business acumen, Sharon is a gifted visual artist, intertwining her artistic expression with extraordinary storytelling to breathe life into intricate characters and vivid settings that captivate the heart and ignite the imagination.


I launched my book club in January 2020 to spotlight the work of other authors and develop an audience for my own writing. Over the past four years, we have hosted numerous authors to include Diane Chamberlain, Susan Meissner, Mariah Fredricks, Kristina McMorris, Amy Harmon, Mark Sullivan, Sarah Ferguson – Duchess of York, Stephanie Dray and others. 

We only read current release historical fiction and I PRE-READ them all. I know your time is precious; I want you to spend it reading books that will delight you and that you will be happy to recommend them to others. 

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southern historical fiction - masque of honor by sharon virts
Award-Winning novelist and Screenwriter

“Powerful and compelling. Sharon’s characters step off the page and into your life.”

southern historical fiction - masque of honor by sharon virts
Sarah Ferguson—Duchess of York
Best-Selling Childrens Book Author

“Sharon Virts’ latest novel kept me turning pages and left me thinking about the characters long after the last chapter. Absolutely amazing.”

masque of honor takes place in selma manor - historical fiction by sharon virts

It’s a horrible thing madness…
The inability to think without the constant chattering of voices unknown to you. Compelling you to do the unthinkable.
The inability to recognize reality from the unreal, right from wrong.
But the truth is never black and white. It hides in the grays.