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masque of honor and selma plantation - sharon virts
Loudoun Now 2/27/2021

Loudoun Authors Explore Local Legends

Sharon Virts’ “Masque of Honor” Brings a Historic Duel to Life

Entrepreneur, noted preservationist, philanthropist. Now Sharon Virts can add best-selling novelist to the list.

When Virts and her husband Scott Miller took on the renovation of historic Selma mansion in 2016, she didn’t know the fascinating story of the property’s original owner would inspire her first work of fiction.

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masque of honor and selma plantation - sharon virts
The Inside Flap
A Weekly Book Podcast 2/14/2021

Inside Chat: Dueling It Out With Sharon Virts

Today we chat with the delightful Sharon Virts about her debut novel Masque of Honor, living in the house built by her main character, how an Oscar nominated screenwriter convinced her to write the book, the “ghost written” chapter she doesn’t remember writing, chinchilla stoles and period detail, strong female characters, calling cards, duels, and the joys of the hurdy-gurdy. Plus – Dave is (again) pulled over while out for a run.

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masque of honor and selma plantation - sharon virts
Lu Reviews Books 2/9/2021

A duel in the name of honor

Masque of Honor by Sharon Virts is a riveting novel that brings history to life in a very engaging tale of honor, pride, and ambition.

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masque of honor and selma plantation - sharon virts
The Book Report Network 2/5/2021

Bookreporter Talks To… Sharon Virts

Sharon Virts joins us to discuss her debut novel, Masque of Honor: A Historical Novel of the American South. Inspiration for this book came as Sharon was restoring the historic home where she now lives, called Selma.

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masque of honor and selma plantation - sharon virts
WASHINGTON LIFE - 07/14/2019
Inside Homes

Sharon Virts and Scott Miller embarked on a two year project to renovate an abandoned historic property in Leesburg, Va. only to find they were not alone on their journey.

They became so entrenched in the stories that Virts is publishing her first historical fiction novel, “Masque of Honor,” about a duel that left one of the property owners dead.

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