Read with Sharon - June 2023

The Ways We Hide - Kristina McMorris

Kristina McMorris joined our discussion last fall with a book that she co-authored with threeother authors. During that call, I learned that shehad released a new book, The Ways We Hide. It took me a while to get to it, but I am so glad Ifinally did! Based on true events, it’s a story you won’t want to miss.
As a child, Fenna is caught up in a Christmas Eve disaster (based on the Italian Hall Disaster of 1913.) Traumatized by this horrific event, she turns to magic and the art of illusion to help her process. The first half of the book is dedicated to telling this part of Fenna’s story. When her work as an escape artist attracts the attention of British intelligence, Fenna is called to help the war efforts This second part of the story is like a sequel to the first.
The Ways We Hide is a bit longer than most books we read which is why our meeting islate in the month, giving you plenty of time to enjoy this amazing “true” story.
Our meeting will include a discussion with the author, Kristina McMorris on Thursday, June 29 at 7:00 pm EDT. I look forward to seeing you then.

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From the New York Times bestselling author of Sold On A Monday―over a million copies sold!―comes a sweeping World War II tale of an illusionist whose recruitment by British intelligence sets her on a perilous, heartrending path

As a little girl raised amid the hardships of Michigan’s Copper Country, Fenna Vos learned to focus on her own survival. That ability sustains her even now as the Second World War rages in faraway countries. Though she performs onstage as the assistant to an unruly escape artist, behind the curtain she’s the mastermind of their act. Ultimately, controlling her surroundings and eluding traps of every kind helps her keep a lingering trauma at bay.

Yet for all her planning, Fenna doesn’t foresee being called upon by British military intelligence. Tasked with designing escape aids to thwart the Germans, MI9 seeks those with specialized skills for a war nearing its breaking point. Fenna reluctantly joins the unconventional team as an inventor. But when a test of her loyalty draws her deep into the fray, she discovers no mission is more treacherous than escaping one’s past.

The Ways We Hide - Kristina McMorris

Book Club Questions


  1. What did you think of Fenna?
  2. Did your opinion of Fenna change by the end of the book?


  1. What did you think about the way the author mixed fact with fiction?
  2. Did you learn anything that surprised you?
  3. What did you think about the various tools the MI9 used?


  1. Did it work for you? What would you have changed?
  2. What do you think is the author’s message to readers of The Ways We Hide?
  3. What did you take away from the book?
  4. Are you left with any questions?


  1. Did you notice any symbolism?
  2. What foreshadowing did you notice? 


  1. Use one adjective to describe the writing itself.
  2. What would you change if you could rewrite The Ways We Hide?


  1. What did you love most about the book?
  2. Did the book change any views/opinions that you have?

The Ways We Hide - Kristina McMorris