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Belmont Manor House, Lee Family Seat in Loudoun County Virginia [Part One of a five-part series.]

Loudoun County Virginia’s countryside was once dotted with the plantation homes of some of the most influential families in American history.  If the house had a proper name attached, you could bet it belonged to someone of note, or a direct descendant.  An example is the first house on our Masque of Honor historical home […]

Why My Books are Set in 19th Century America

When I first began this journey as an author, I was single-minded, focused solely on writing Selma’s stories and specifically, Masque of Honor. But, my research on that book introduced me to a number of other historical events that intrigued me. Now it seems wherever I go, I am always on the hunt for a […]

Polly Strong: One for All

Today I want to highlight a woman of incredible resilience who set precedent and greatly impacted the lives of many. Polly Strong is an understated figure; not much is known about her life outside of the critical Strong v. Laselle case, but her impact on American history and legislature is indelible. In 1796, Polly Strong […]

Breathe In, Breathe Out: The Invention of the Stethoscope

In the 19th century malaria was extremely common in the UnitedStates; at its height, more than one million cases were reported, this isprobably a conservative number since not everyone had access to a medicaltreatment. In Masque of Honor,Armistead Mason bemoans the almost “ordinariness” of suffering from malariawhile in battle.  A lot of the research Idid while writing […]