Staying True to the Spirit of the Story

The key to keeping “history” in “historical fiction” is staying true to the SPIRIT of the story. I’ve stuck like glue to this principle. And when I say SPIRIT, I truly mean SPIRITS. I walk among them every day. They guide me. They inspire me and they keep me true to the story – their story. 

While every detail may not be entirely historically accurate (more on that concept in a short story you’ll be seeing from me this summer!), the stories of Selma’s characters by-and-large are because of their presence in the ghosts of this old house. And while it is important to send you back in time to experience their lives, my job as an author is to keep you riveted, intrigued and entertained. 


This is what I have established as my 80/20 formula. 80% History + 20% Selma Inspired Imagination = 100% Fantastic Historical Fiction!