Musings: My Virginia Summers

There is something about these last days of June that take me back to the summers of childhood.

I remember so vividly sights, tastes, sounds and smells of those days so long ago. The dappled light that filtered through the trees onto the church yard at vacation bible school.

Sharing the shade of old maples with crickets chirping happily in the grass nearby. Eating more wax cherries than we picked from branches of the old tree that bent heavily over the dirt road. Marmalade splashes of daylily blooms that dotted the bank along the creek and roadside. The clean fresh smells of green and grass wafting from fields of newly cut hay. Crimson cardinals flashing scarlet wings and singing wet-cheer in treetops high overhead. Can you feel it? The feel of early summer?

I treasure these last days of June, for they soon will be gone—melted into the heat and humidity of Virginia summer.