Milestones – High Point University

The birth of your first child rocks your world and we quickly settle into the joy of parenthood. But it’s when your last child fledges the nest that your world truly shakes with seismic change. 

This weekend I drove my youngest son to North Carolina to begin his freshman year at High Point University. For him, it’s a rite of passage filled with excitement and anticipation. My feelings, however, are a bit more complicated as I wonder just how loud will the silence be with him gone. 

But this is not my time, it is his. I wish him all the joy that this new adventure brings. The possibilities before him are endless! Every day I will miss him. And if I have done my job well, he will soar higher than I ever have and will hopefully remember to visit ‘Momma Dukes’ in her nest every now and again.

Fly Nicholas! Fly high!!

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