Glamping in Keystone, South Dakota

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best historical fiction books - masque of honor by sharon virts

I had wanted to pack a tent, but it wouldn’t fit in the car so Scott surprised me with the next best thing: “Glamping.” 

I had never heard of it before. The formula apparently is very easy…”Glamorous” + “Camping” = “Glamping”. But don’t get the wrong impression. I had to build my own fire in my stove (and it’s COLD here at night!) and there’s no wifi and no power (i.e: no blow dryer) in the tent. But I do have my own bathroom! Can’t get that at the campsites I’ve frequented in the past. 

And the people are so helpful and nice. Alex the manager gave us a tour of the camp and all the appropriate warnings…”Don’t have food in your tent because of chipmunks and watch out for mountain lions” (I’ll take the chipmunks!) Daniel, our tour guide promises to find me the best painting spots tomorrow. (He’s from Lynchburg Virginia BTW). And then there are the views! This place is heaven on earth!


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