Musings: September Nears

As autumn draws upon us, I am reminded of a poem I wrote in 2007. Entitled “As September Nears” the writing expressed my feelings on the “hurry-up-and-wait” cycles of my previous career and my longing for summer to linger just a little longer. When I stumbled across the piece in my old files, I was surprised by how relevant my words from a dozen years ago remain today.

These last few weeks before the equinox when the nights become longer than the days, take time to enjoy what is left of summer. Take that one last long stroll down a lonely lane where the crickets chirp and sing as the grasshoppers jump onto the path in front of you. Where butterflies waft on the nettle and goldenrod before their escape to warmer skies. Watch in the still as finch pull the last of the seeds from thistle alongside the road. It won’t be long before the fauna fades and the temperatures cool with the arrival of the harvest moon.

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