Current Projects

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Sharon's Next Novel

My current project is a dark, psychological historical fiction based on the 1872 murder trial of a Virginia woman accused of poisoning her four young children, her husband and aunt.  The novel features two protagonists, the dashing brilliant defense attorney living in the shadow of his father’s legacy, and the family’s physician who has compromised his principles to appease his wife and father-in-law. Both men are battle-scarred veterans of the Civil War and, while they are on opposite sides of the case, both men desperately need to prove her innocence. Like Masque of Honor, the yet-to-be-titled book is richly character driven and examines issues of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, women’s rights in Reconstruction South, early forensic science and procedures of the 19th century legal system.

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Sharon's Short Story

Currently I am writing the first of several short stories featuring George Baker Mason, known by his friends and family simply as “Newt” (Don’t ask, he’ll tell you. It’s a long story!). Newt is thirteen and lives with his parents and younger sister in a small Virginia town. Newt thinks he knows a thing or two about history, since after all, his Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather was founding father George Mason IV! That is until he meets his unconventional eighth-grade history teacher who shows Newt a thing or two, and changes how he thinks about both the past and the present..