November 2019 Newsletter

What’s New?

Most of you know that this fall I had the opportunity to get away to our house on Bald Head Island and focus on the final round of edits of Masque of Honor before I hand it off to the publisher. When you’ve been working on something in such a focused way, it would seem counterproductive to take your eyes off the paper so-to-speak, but in reality, this was exactly what I needed. Hand in hand with my love of writing, is my love for painting. It allows me to stretch a completely different creative muscle and find a way to refocus from a place of peace.  

Holiday Sneak Peek Masque Reading

If you entered our “Holiday Sneak Peek of Masque of Honor” contest at Selma, you will be glad to know that winners have been selected! 

I am VERY excited to be welcoming you into my home this holiday season! 

Thinking about Thanksgiving Traditions

Did you know Thanksgiving did not become a national holiday in the United States until 1863? President Lincoln is responsible for inaugurating a tradition that we all hold dear today, originally designed as a kind of thank you for the Civil War victories in Vicksburg and Gettysburg. 

Prior to this date, Thanksgiving was celebrated on a state by state basis, with each state scheduling its own holiday in the Fall or Winter months. Early Thanksgiving revolved around attending church services and eating and napping as long as possible, and in that sense, not much has changed. There is something about a single day in which we can take a minute to be together, relax, and be thankful for everything in our life (including that extra slice of  of pumpkin pie).

Weekend in the Big Easy

A few more snapshots of our weekend in New Orleans while attending Emeril Lagasse’s Carnivale du Vin. Read more about it here. 

Silence is golden for me when it comes time to write…unless I’m trying to create a mood BEFORE writing a particular scene. However, any time I’m painting, I welcome my favorite tunes. Take a peek at my playlist here.

Sharon’s Book Club

This is a bit of a departure from my usual historical fiction recommendations, but it’s a really great trip through time with a very entertaining tour guide.


Trace the journey (and adventures) of older women in the United States through the decades, and learn quite a bit along the way.  A worthy read on a cold Fall evening.

For more of my book club selections, check out my website.

Selma’s Corner

We’ve come a long way, Miss Selma….we’ve added more pictures of Selma’s kitchen, check out this EXCLUSIVE page you won’t find on the website unless you subscribe to this newsletter!

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