There comes a point in the creative process where you just need to get away from the work. I didn’t realize how important that was until this weekend. Scott and I spent the weekend in New Orleans at Emeril Lagasse’s Carnivale du Vin, a weekend charity event supporting underserved youth. We met new friends and caught-up with old ones. But most importantly, I took a much needed break from the last round on edits before my manuscript is released to the publisher for Copy Edit. And what this little respite gave me was CLARITY!

Throughout this long development-edit process, I had lost some of my “voice” in the novel. The act of stepping away from the work for just a couple of days allowed me to see that. And now—this morning—I am working with my editor to weave that “voice” back it. It won’t take much effort (I hope!), but it will make all the difference in the world and it is what makes my work MY WORK.

sharon virts writing advice - clarity
Sharon Virts - Author of historical fiction

Sharon Virts is a successful entrepreneur and historical fiction author. Her passion for storytelling is encapsulated in her novel Masque of Honor. It is one of the best historical fiction books chronicling the drama, life, loves and struggles of two families of the Virginia aristocracy following the War of 1812.  Sharon Virts has captured Virginia history in this American historical fiction novel based on the true story of two cousins in the early 19th century. Set in Loudoun County Virginia and the District of Columbia it is both historical fiction romance and historical fiction drama.